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Billed as the Ultimate Adventure Snorkelling Cruise, the Reef Sprinter is all about speed and having fun on your way to the reef, as well as having a great time out there snorkelling. It really is quite a different trip to the bigger cruise boats and is a lot of fun for those looking for a bit of adventure.

They also have a second boat called the Jet Sprinter which essentially offers the same service as the Reef Sprinter.

The Reef Sprinter will get you out to the Low Isles at 40 knots (80kph) – quick! – so you have the maximum amount of time out there snorkelling. Both the Great Barrier Reef (outer reef) and the lovely Low Isles are World Heritage reef sites. There are lovely corals, fish, turtles and other wildlife in abundance.

As a bonus for anyone who doesn’t particularly want to get into the water, the Low Isle tours have a glass bottomed boat moored at the snorkeling site so you can view the amazing underwater world without even getting wet.

These half day cruises which are ideal for anyone who is a bit short of time or would just prefer not to spend a whole day on the water. They are also great for anyone who suffers from sea-sickness. These boats go so fast they cut through the waves, pretty much eliminating the bouncing and rolling you experience on other boats.


Although the jet boats minimise seasickness because they cut through the waves so well, there can be some firm bumps and for that reason these tours are not suitable for people in poor health, with bad backs or bad necks, or anyone who is lucky enough to be pregnant! The minimum age for this tour is 14.


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