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A helicopter trip to the Great Barrier Reef may not have been what came to mind when you first considered a reef tour, but Port Douglas based GBR (Great Barrier Reef) Helicopters make this an incredibly exciting option. In fact the feedback we get is that this is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. There is simply nothing that compares to flying over the reef in a helicopter!

GBR Fly-Cruise tours combine a flight from Port Douglas along the world famous Four Mile Beach and up the coast to Cape Kimberley, out across the sparkling Coral Sea and the myriad coral reefs to the Quicksilver outer reef platform where you land on GBR’s floating helipad. How cool would that be!

Once you are out on the Quicksilver platform you can indulge in a smorgasbord lunch, snorkelling on the reef, fish feeding or a semi-submersible coral viewing tour before taking the incredible Quicksilver high speed catamaran back to Port Douglas.

Do either the Fly-Cruise or Cruise-Fly (the same itinerary but in reverse – take the catamaran to the reef and fly back), except if you want to do a scuba dive in which case you must do the Cruise-Fly so you can receive the dive brief on the catamaran on the way out to the reef.

GBR Fly-Cruise or Cruise-Fly tours give you the very best of two amazing reef experiences.

Fly/Cruise departs Port Douglas by helicopter at 11.10am. Returns on Quicksilver at 4.30pm.
Cruise/Fly departs Port Douglas on Quicksilver at 10.00am, returns by helicopter at 3.20pm.


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