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Calypso are famous for their classic snorkel and scuba diving reef tours that are perfect for a group that includes people who want to do both activities. More recently Calypso commissioned a catamaran that caters purely to people who only want to snorkel, meaning they can go to the best snorkelling sites without having to worry about having to cater to the scuba divers. It was a great idea as Calypso Snorkelling outer reef tours are amoung the very best on offer.

This dedicated reef tour uses outstanding snorkelling sites on the Opal Reef which is a bit south of Agincourt Reef (used by the Calypso snorkel/scuba dive tours). Like Agincourt Reef, Opal Reef is an outer reef site on the edge of the continental shelf so it benefits from the clear water and abundance of coral and marine life found on the outer reef, but it features more shallow conditions than other reefs, making it ideal for snorkelling.

Snorkelling at Opal Reef includes access to the famous ‘Fish Bowl’ site where giant clams, clown fish (Nemo!), anemones, soft coral and an abundance of fish life turns the water into a playground of colour and movement.

Your tour includes a magnificent tropical buffet lunch, morning and afternoon tea, snorkelling equipment, flotation devices and even a lycra swimming suit if it’s needed. Don’t forget to bring plenty of sun protection, including a long sleeved top. A day on the water means a lot of exposure to the sun.

The Calypso snorkelling tour departs from the Reef Marina at 8.45am and returns at 4.15pm.

A $6.50 Environmental Management Charge (EMC)/Admin fee is payable on the day of the tour.

If you are doing this tour and also want to see the Daintree, consider the Calypso/Daintree Tour Package and SAVE $20 per person!


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